Behavioral Health Integration

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Behavioral Health Integration Report and Recommendations (Adopted March 2017)

Many Americans experience depression, anxiety, substance abuse and other behavioral health disorders in their lifetimes, but few are screened within primary care and even fewer are able to access comprehensive treatment. These untreated behavioral health disorders lead to poor health outcomes and are costly. Integrating behavioral health services into primary care has been shown to be more patient-centered, helping those in need access services, resulting in healthier patients and healthier populations. The workgroup defined integrated behavioral health care to create a common vocabulary and focused on using available evidence and existing models to develop eight common elements that outline a minimum standard of integrated care meant to bridge the different models used throughout Washington State and across the country and include structural and process definitions for:

  • Integrated care team
  • Patient access to behavioral health as a routine part of care
  • Accessibility and sharing of patient information
  • Practice access to psychiatric services
  • Operational systems and workflows to support population-based care
  • Evidence-based treatments
  • Patient involvement in care
  • Data for quality improvement

The workgroup met from April 2016 to March 2017.

Supporting Materials

Letter from Health Care Authority Accepting Behavioral Health Integration Recommendations
Health Charter and Roster

Workgroup Members

Member Title Organization
Brad Berry Executive Director Consumer Voices Are Born
Regina Bonnevie, MD Medical Director Peninsula Community Health Services
Michelle Guerra, MD Senior Clinician Premera
Larry Marx, MD Medical Director, Behavioral Health Support Services Kaiser Permanente
Rose Ness, MA, LMHC, CDP Behavioral Health Expert Sound Integration for Behavioral Healthcare
Kim McDermott, MD Physician NeighborCare
Mary Kay O’Neill MD, MBA Partner Mercer
Joe Roszak  CEO Kitsap Mental Health Services
Anna Ratzliff, MD, PhD/
Anne Shields, MHA, RN
Director of the UW Integrated Care Training Program, Associate Director for Education/Associate Director AIMS Center, University of Washington
Jeff Reiter,  PhD Lead Psychologist Swedish Medical Services
Julie Rickard, PhD Program Director of Integrated Behavioral Services Confluence Health
Brian Sandoval, PsyD Behavioral Health Manager, Oregon and Washington Services Yakima Valley Farmworkers Clinics
Lani Spencer, RN, MHA Vice President Health Care Management Services, Amerigroup –Washington
Emily Transue, MD, MHA  Senior Medical Director Coordinated Care
Melet Whinston, MD Medical Director United Health Care