Members are appointed by the Governor and include public health care purchasers for Washington State, private health care purchasers (employers and union trusts), health plans, physicians and other health care providers, hospitals, and quality improvement organizations.

Members required by the legislation (ESHB 1311) are:

  • Two representatives of health carriers or third party administrators;
  • One representative of a health maintenance organization;
  • One representative of a national health carrier;
  • Two physicians representing large multispecialty clinics with 50 or more physicians, one of which is a primary care provider;
  • Two physicians representing clinics with fewer than 50 physicians, one of which is a primary care provider;
  • One osteopathic physician;
  • Two physicians representing the largest hospital-based physician groups in the state;
  • Three representatives of hospital systems, at least one of whom is responsible for quality;
  • Three representatives of self-funded purchasers;
  • Two representatives of state-purchased health care programs; and
  • One representative of the Washington Health Alliance (formally the Puget Sound Health Alliance).