For Employers

Are you interested in being part of the health care conversation?

Join the Bree Collaborative! We currently have an open employer seat for a self-funded health care purchaser. Email


How can my organization get involved?

We encourage employers and other purchasers to use our recommendations as a guide for their own health care purchasing. Additionally, the Bree Implementation team is working to facilitate adoption of our recommendations. Please contact us for more information and resources to implement any of our recommendations.

How are employers represented?

There are five membership seats dedicated to representatives from the health care purchaser or employer setting:

  • Three representatives of self-funded purchasers. Currently:
    • Greg Marchand, The Boeing Company
    • Kerry Schaefer, King County
    • Open Seat
  • Two representatives of state-purchased health care programs. Currently:
    • Gary Franklin MD, MPH, Washington State Department of Labor and Industries
    • Dan Lessler, MD, MHA, Washington State Health Care Authority