In 2016, the Bree Collaborative conducted a survey adoption of our recommendations in medical groups, hospitals, and health plans. From reducing inappropriate caesarian sections to improving end-of-life care, our survey shows where our recommendations or other similar quality improvements have been implemented. From this information we created a Roadmap to support implementation. 

Read the bree Collaborative Implementation Roadmap

Read the Executive Summary


On the following pages we organize results, the survey, and next steps by Hospital, Medical Group, and Health Plan.

  • Select the page for your organization typeHospital, Medical Group, or Health Plan
  • See where you are: Assess level of adoption with our implementation survey (downloadable Excel file)
  • Compare yourself to the health care community: See how other organizations have scored (results are blinded)
  • Take next steps to implementation: Read topic-specific sections from our Implementation Roadmap
  • See the original recommendations