Every year we select new topic areas. This is a chance to look back at our previous work and to think about how we can continue improve health care quality, outcomes, and affordability in our community.

Do you have suggestions of new topic areas for us? We want to hear from you! Email me at GWeir@qualityhealth.org or come to a meeting.

We will start our conversation at the May 15th Bree Collaborative meeting, narrow down our list, and continue with the official vote at the July meeting. Every year we choose health care services with:

  • – Variation in care,
  • – High rates of use or increases that are unnecessary,
  • – Waste or inefficiency,
  • – Patient safety issues, or
  • – Inappropriate care.

We have spent time looking at how to improve a wide variety of health care services, from how we are born to how we spend the end of our life. You can see all of our reports on our website here.

Ginny Weir, MPH
Director, Bree Collaborative