Every year we have the chance to step back, look at our work, and choose our topics for the next year. We would also love to hear input from our community about our new direction. Typically we follow a two-step process, having a wide-ranging discussion at the end of which we narrow down our choices. At the May Bree Collaborative meeting we decided to move forward with two topics and continue the discussion at our July meeting. Our two selected topics are to:

  • – Continue our opioid prescribing workgroup with a new focus on screening and management of patients on high-dose opioids. See our workgroup here.
  • – Develop a new workgroup in response to the request from our Legislature to “identify best practices for mental health services regarding patient mental health treatment and patient management [including] best practices on patient confidentiality, discharging patients, treating patients with homicide ideation and suicide ideation, record-keeping to decrease variation in practice patterns in these areas, and other areas…” This last area builds on our work to develop standards around suicide care and our earlier work to integrate behavioral health into primary care. You can read a study that the UW did around these issues here.


We will be selecting our other topics at the July 17th Bree Collaborative meeting, three from the list below coming out of the May conversation:


Do you have personal experience with any of these topics? Let us know at bree@qualityhealth.org

Ginny Weir, MPH
Program Director, Bree Collaborative