The Bree Collaborative has worked to survey the impact of our recommendations in hospitals, medical groups, and health plans since May 2016. From reducing inappropriate caesarian sections to improving end-of-life care, our survey shows where our recommendations or other similar quality improvements have been implemented. From this information we created an Implementation Roadmap outlining next steps to implementation. On our website, we organize survey results, link to survey tools, and next steps by HospitalMedical Group, and Health Plan.

For each of our topics you can now:

  • – See where you are: Assess level of adoption with our implementation survey via a downloadable Excel file
  • – Compare yourself to the health care community: See how other organizations have scored (results are blinded by institution or organization)
  • – Take next steps to implementation: Read topic-specific sections from our Implementation Roadmap
  • – See the original recommendations

The first step on our roadmap toward broad adoption is awareness, followed by gaining buy-in from the health care community, assessing the current state, transition activates, and sustainability. For each of our recommendations we outline steps that provider organizations and health plans can take to move from the current state to the ideal state. We list transition activities and methods to sustain best-practice care. We include tools for assessment, communication, and planning to help facilitate adoption of our recommendations into clinical practice.

We wish to thank the volunteer members of the Bree Collaborative, the many expert members of our workgroups, and organizations across the state who participated in our implementation surveys.  Your engagement, participation and support have been invaluable.  And finally, our real progress comes from those working on the front lines towards making improvements in the health care provided to Washington patients.

See our roadmap and get started with implementation!


Paul Gruen, MHA
Implementation Consultant, Bree Collaborative

Ginny Weir, MPH
Program Director, Bree Collaborative