The Bree Collaborative develops bundled payments or episodes of care in our Accountable Payment Models workgroup – we are currently re-reviewing our Total Knee and Total Hip Replacement Bundle and Warranty and invite you to be a part of this conversation here. The Health Care Authority is also working to transform our health care system. In today’s blog, read a Request for Information from Director Dorothy Teeter.

As we continue our efforts to transform our state’s health care purchasing strategies, we need your help. Specifically, we are seeking your input on the development and implementation of bundled episodes of care.

The Health Care Authority (HCA) took a first step into offering bundled episodes of care in 2016, when we launched the Centers of Excellence for joint replacement program. In this program, we pay an agreed-upon price for the entire episode of care, and our contracted partner agrees to specific quality and outcome measures. HCA intends to procure at least one new bundled episode of care to offer as a benefit starting in 2019.

We know that provider organizations around the state are developing or offering bundled episodes of care and participating in bundled payment programs. To help inform our future procurements, we are relying on you to share with us:
– What bundled episodes of care programs you’re currently offering or developing.
– What evidence-based criteria you use to select these programs.
– The experience you have with creating and operating bundled payment programs.
– Innovative strategies you’ve tried as you design and implement these programs.
– Whether and how you are addressing social determinants of health (e.g., education, nutrition,and housing) in your program.

Washington continues to focus on high-quality care that focuses on patient safety and outcomes, not volume of services provided. HCA’s goal is that by 2021, 90 percent of HCA provider payments under Washington Apple Health (Medicaid) and the Public Employees Benefits Board program are linked to quality and value. And, when other purchasers adopt a value-based approach, we will truly transform care in our state.

This value-based purchasing journey will be most successful if we’re all on it together. Please take the time to respond to this request for information, and help us create future bundled episodes of care that best serve our state’s residents. More information here.

Dorothy F. Teeter, MHA
Director, Washington State Health Care Authority