The Bree Collaborative is hiring! Since being founded by the Washington State Legislature in 2011, we have developed eight reports and recommendations, three bundled payment models and warranties, and two endorsements. With all this great work and with the support of Healthier Washington, we are focusing on implementation of our recommendations across Washington State and are looking for someone to help us in this process. This Implementation Consultant will, with the Bree Collaborative Program Director, conduct an assessment and develop implementation strategies and supportive materials to facilitate universal adoption of Bree Collaborative Recommendations across health care entities within Washington State. We are looking for an individual or an organization as a subcontractor to fill this position.

Interested in learning more? Read about this opportunity below and access our job posting here.


  • – Conduct assessment of the Washington State health care community’s adoption of Bree Collaborative recommendations. Full list of recommendations is available here:
    • – Identify sites where adoption has occurred and strategies within those sites that helped to facilitate adoption.
    • – Identify sites where adoption has not occurred and barriers to adoption.
  • – Develop recommendations for multiple stakeholders, including Bree Collaborative staff and leadership, on how to facilitate implementation uptake in the form of a comprehensive roadmap portfolio. Recommendations should be flexible enough to accommodate variability in the Washington State health care marketplace. Roadmap should include:
    • – Tools for individual sites to conduct a self-assessment of readiness for uptake of recommendations.
    • – Coaching materials to move sites along pathway toward full recommendation adoption.
    • – Communication plan and tools for multiple audiences on how to disseminate message.
    • – Evidence-based change management techniques.
  • – Develop comprehensive dashboard showing comparative progress on state-wide adoption of Bree Collaborative recommendations.
  • – Work closely with Bree Collaborative Program Director to conduct educational outreach to health plans, provider groups, hospitals, and others across Washington State about Bree Collaborative history, structure, mission, and recommendations.
  • – Recommend applicability of Bree Collaborative-specific findings to Healthier Washington programs.
  • – Report to Bree Collaborative and Health Care Authority leadership.



  • – Familiarity with Washington State health care environment
  • – Experience with organizational change management strategies and implementation techniques (e.g., driver diagrams)
  • – Experience in analyzing stakeholder feedback
  • – Track record of successful health care project management
  • – Ability to communicate clearly complex technical information verbally and in writing to a non-technical audience including the application of “Plain Talk” principles to technically precise documents. Knowledge of reading levels and readability testing and the ability to write complex documents at a lower reading level.
  • – Ability to communicate and work with all levels of staff and stakeholders, including Health Care Authority executives, legislative and Governor’s offices, and the media.
  • – Ability to travel within Washington State.
  • – BA in Public Health or related field. Masters preferred.

To apply, please send resume and cover letter or organizational proposal to We are looking for an individual or an organization as a subcontractor to fill this position. For more information, contact: (206) 204-7388

Ginny Weir, MPH
Program Director, Bree Collaborative